The Week Starts Now

Right, my regular work week of regular gigs starts on Thursdays. Things kick off at the Governors’ Pub in Bellefonte, where I start playing tunes at 7:00, then switch to asking Pub Trivia questions at 7:30. I still do a little music between rounds, and after the game is over, Read More

Blues, Trivia, and TV

Spotlight on Bellefonte It’s a special night at the Governors’ Pub in Bellefonte this evening – JT’s playing Blues and hosting Pub Trivia. OK, that’s normal. But also, Sarah Lagerman from WHVL-TV will be in to film a segment for “The Centre of it All,” their program that covers local Read More

Summertime Blues at Elk Creek Cafe

Doubling up this Sunday! Playing some serious down-home Blues with Rmblin’ Dan Stevens and harmonica maestro Richard Sleigh in Millheim on Sunday afternoon, 5:00-7:00. And as soon as we get all boogied out there in the valley, I’m cruising on up to State College to host the Darkhorse Music Jam, Read More

Joy and Sorrow… RIP Lotsa Poppa

Check out slots games with amazing music-themed on this website, come and play! Last week was an incredible musical journey! Over the course of four days, I played 11 performances with 7 different ensembles. The Central PA Festival of the Arts was blossoming all over State College, and in addition Read More

Dance Little Sister Dance

Andy and I recorded this at the Billtown Blues Festival in June, and you can hear us do it again this week at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in State College. When and where you might ask? Both Thursday and Friday afternoons 4:30-5:30 in front of the Municipal Read More

Mixing It Up….

Last weeks gigs certainly ran the variety gamut: Wednesday’s gig was a Bike Night with the rock/country band AC Express, Thursday I played solo and hosted Trivia Night at the Governors’ Pub, Friday was a long-standing gig with Triple A Blues band, Saturday’s was a trio gig in Sunbury PA Read More

No-Feedback Microphones Coming Soon

Courtesy of Andrea Alu, Researcher and Professor at UT Austin, that squealing and rumbling that emanates from speakers on many a stage may soon be a thing of the past. As with any new technology, the first products will rather expensive, but this design looks like it could scale out Read More


What a great town, what a great scene, what great music! Kudos to Music Think Tank HOW TO GET ALL THE CRED OF PLAYING AT SXSW WITHOUT THE TIME AND EXPENSE

We’re No Longer Puzzled

Chris Kent has finally made it to YouTube! For a number of years I’ve been recording piano tracks for various artists at Bill Filer’s studio, and one guy who’s given me a lot of work and credit, and has always been a pleasure to record with is Chris Kent. Who Read More

Musicians Kicked Off Gig Because of… Demographics?

Dancing With The Stars fires Longtime Band Apparently a well-directed group of highly-trained musicians is not cool or hip enough for today’s younger TV viewers, who, according to highly-crunched data, polling algorithms, and ABC executive Lisa Berger, prefer machine-made dance music and DJs spinning mp3s. And there was also something Read More