Just A Blues Piano Player?

Yes, I love the Blues, and I love playing the Blues. Blues piano is my wheelhouse, as they say. But that doesn’t mean I play ONLY the Blues – just come out to most of my shows and you’ll see (and hear) me play plenty of songs that are not Blues, some not even close to the Blues.

On the first Sunday of each month you can hear me playing Blues with Andy Tolins at Webster’s Cafe & Bookstore, but you’ll also hear us play Jazz standards such as “Green Dolphin Street” and “Four” by Mile Davis.

Drop in to Doggie’s Pub on home football Saturdays and catch me with the Skoal Brothers rocking out on Ozzy Osborne’s “War Pigs” followed by Pink Floyd’s “Time” and “Have A Cigar.”

I also hold the keyboard spot with Natascha & The Spy Boys, covering Pop/Americana tunes like “Don’t Wait Too Long” by Madeleine Petroux and “Folding Chair” by Regina Spektor.

Don’t be surprised on Thursday nights at Talleyrand Tavern and I break into some Backstreet Boys, Post Malone, Beatles, or Oasis.

So yes, I play a lot of different songs that are not considered Blues, but you will hear a bit of Blues in all of them, because among my influences are great Blues piano players like Dr. John, Eden Brent, David Maxwell, Otis Spann, Deanna Bogart, John Cleary, Honey Piazza; shall I go on? Several of the groups I perform with are bona fide Blues Bands: The Triple A Blues Band, the Doug McMinn Blues Band, my very own group the Denicats – we all primarily perform the Blues. But we all perform other styles of music, too, and knowing how to play the Blues provides the foundation for those other styles. So when you hear me playing a wedding processional, or cabaret tunes, or easy listening dinner music, know that the Blues is pulsing within all that music.

That’s why I call myself a Blues Piano Player.

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