Back to Work (just a little bit)

The last 3 months have been the longest period in many years where I haven’t played any gigs. (Although, like many other musicians, I have been livestreaming on fb).
I wasn’t bored, as I spent a lot of time catching up on long-deferred projects around the house, exploring old trails with a new dog, and had more quality time with Christy. It felt like retirement, except we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything except hang out at home.
But things have loosened up a bit, and this weekend I get to go and perform with 2 different groups, both which include several Denicats – Bill Stetz & Doug McMinn.
Saturday I’ll join Bill and Doug playing a private party as the Doug McMinn Blues Band, then Sunday Doug and I will be Spy Boys performing with Natascha at Shy Bear Brewing in Lewistown.  Social Distancing is still required, and dancing is not allowed.
Doug and Bill keeping their distance…
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