Live-Streaming Triple A Blues Band

Wow! Had a great time playing with The Triple A Blues Band at The Music Mart Friday night, so good to see all y’all tune in – and thanks for the tips!
(You can see the video here)
As you may have noticed during the shoot, we practiced “Players Pathogen Protection Protocol” – keeping 3′-6′ distance from each other, no physical contact (get away, Mugsy!), instruments and beer cans were wiped down before, during, and after use, vocalists each brought our own microphones, no more than 8 people were in the room at one time, and we all arrived and departed as quickly as possible.
I headed home directly, only stopping for gas (Sam’s $1.97 😮 yes, I used gloves at the pump). Once through the door of the house, I went through the decontamination process – stripped naked, burned my clothes, took a 20-minute isopropyl alcohol shower, and started “Personal Pathogen Protection Protocol” by imbibing measured doses of Tullamore Dew.
No C-19 symptoms so far…
At this point, I don’t know when we’ll get together again as a group. The virus is confirmed to be here in Happy Valley, and reported cases will only increase over the next few weeks. I hope that all those infected recover completely, and the rest of us stay safe. As one of the more susceptible demographics (over 60, asthmatic, blood type A), I, Belle Bleu, and LaKoda will be keeping our distance from y’all for the time being. You may see us out walking the dog, and you will certainly see me live-streaming more music.
So, now that we find ourselves living in interesting times, we can only try and make the best of it. Practice good PPPP, and I’ll see you on the other side of the quarantine 💓
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